Heco in Denmark

Heco in denmark

HECO constantly expands and modernises its manufacturing facilities, enabling us to have the necessary capacity to cover market demand.

The factory in Hedensted focuses on scraper and sealing rings and lamella scraper rings. We rely on highly-trained employees and advanced technologies to ensure a high quality and adequate volume.

Manufacturing takes place on CNC-controlled machines, which are fully operated by automated robots. Accuracy and precision are an integrated part of all processes.

Along side our high-tech manufacturing systems, we maintain a production of spare parts (scraper and sealing rings and housings) for all 2-stroke diesel engine types developed and produced over the last 50 years.

Constant quality control
Our quality control system in the Danish factory was ISO 9001-certified in 1994. We are maintaining and improving our quality control system constantly. This includes constant controlling of rings and lamellas throughout the entire manufacturing process, including packing and shipping. This system contributes in guaranteeing a uniform, high quality.

Delivery assurance
HECO means a high delivery assurance. A wide range of spare parts are on stock as semi-finished or finished goods. This makes it possible for us to deliver rings for all engine types in operation. Our philosophy is to follow the engine type during its entire lifetime. Therefore we are producing spare parts for all two-stroke diesel engines as long as the engines still are running.


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