HECO in China

Heco in China

HECO established its own company in China in 2003 - HECO Mechanical Seals Technology (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. – in order to streamline our total production of piston rod stuffing boxes. It also allowed us to operate close to the world’s absolute centre for two-stroke diesel engines. The great majority of new two-stroke engines that are produced today are built in Asia.

An excellent start
The factory in Suzhou works exclusively with cast iron houses and forged steel flanges for piston rod stuffing boxes. A combination of professionally competent employees and computer-controlled machines ensure at high degree of precision and quality in manufacturing. The factory is ISO 9001-certified, with continuous quality control throughout the entire process. All raw materials are purchased locally.

The company is undergoing rapid growth. Since the start, the manufacturing facilities have been expanded with larger production areas, more machines, and additional staff to meet demand.

Close cooperation
Furthermore, the HECO factory in Suzhou assembles and delivers complete piston rod stuffing boxes to leading engine builders in Asia. Assembly takes place with original scraper and sealing rings delivered from HECO in Denmark.

Stuffing boxes, houses and flanges for the entire world
All HECO stuffing boxes house and flanges are today produced in China and distributed to engine builders in Europe thru HECO in Denmark.


Video about Heco in China