The history of Heco

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Henning Cornelius – the founder of the company – worked with diesel engines his whole life. In 1934 he finished his apprenticeship as a fitter at B&W in Copenhagen. Later, he graduated as a marine engineer and spent eight years sailing the seven seas.

1959 was a memorable year for both Henning Cornelius and HECO. Henning Cornelius founded the company, and later that year, presented a new invention: an effective machine for renovating of the scraper rings for the piston rod stuffing boxes of the time. Back then, they featured scraper rings with a fixed scraping edge.

Over the next three years, Henning Cornelius broke new ground. He invented a new type of oil scraper ring with replaceable scraping lamellas. It became the solution of the future for piston rod stuffing boxes for two-stroke diesel engines. When the scraping lamella is worn down, it can simply be replaced with a new one, while the expensive base ring can be reused.

HECO piston rod stuffing boxes with scraper and sealing rings have been developed and improved several times in close cooperation with the leading designer of two-stroke diesel engines. But the basic principle is unchanged compared to the one Henning Cornelius patented in 1962.


Video about the history of Heco